Write an essay where you tell us what test preparation practices work best for you and why.

My test preparation depends on the level of difficulty that i have in the class. Even though a class may not be as difficult as another, there is still a certain standard that I set for myself to be able to do well and succeed. When I am informed of a test the first ting that I do is a process I like to call mapping out. This allows me to look over my schedule, see what days I have free between the day I receive knowledge of it and the date it is due, and insert set times that I will take time to study for all of this. After this is complete it is time to follow up on everything that I set up to do. Studying requires for me to break things up into sections. Each day I have set aside to study, there is an specific amount of information that I would like to cover. For example, if I have eight study days with four sections to cover, I will spend two days on each section. It is very important that when I study my goals are met. I also like to choose good quiet locations for my studying times. I can't function studying with a lot of noise. By going to a local library, my favorite location, I can access thousands of books and computers for me to look up any Information that I may not understand from the notes I have. There may be other students there that can help me that may have already taken the course that I am currently in. Tutoring before the test is another excellent way to make sure you maintain information. When your in class sometimes the teacher can fly through information before a test. The tutor can break down the information so that it is easy to look back on and go over. Finally the big day is here for me and the test is near. From the time I wake up I wake up keeping the notes in my face helps me get my mind on the subject and bings it to light. A few moments later I make a last moment cram sheet to go with me until I take the test. It has everything that I may have been unsure about. By me taking all the necessary steps test taking is always easy.

Christian from Virginia
High School Senior
Halifax County High School