Write an essay where you tell us what test preparation practices work best for you and why.

Marisa Kouma
12 May 2019
Mometrix Test Preparation Scholarship Essay
In college, it is important to organize how one spends their time, whether it is studying, socializing, sleeping, or other activities. For studying, it is important to spread time working on homework and focusing on exam studying. To prepare for tests, my first step is to determine which classes I need to focus on the most and which I have better handles on.
For the classes I need to focus on more, I typically begin studying for up to a week before the test. Throughout the semester, I take notes from the textbook and make flashcards for various situations in classes with a lot of information, especially information that must be memorized. To study for the more difficult classes, I re-read my lecture and textbook notes, go through my notecards, and work on problems from each section on the test until I feel comfortable in each section.
I study for the other classes when I need a break from the more difficult classes. For these classes, I typically re-read my lecture notes to jog my memory of what each section was on, then I work on problems from the sections I remember the least.
This system works for me because I often lack the time to put my full effort into studying for every test I have and organizing my studying time in this manner allows me to perform my best on the tests I would have more trouble with, while simply rehashing my skills for the tests I would already do reasonably well on.

Marisa from Pennsylvania
College Freshman
University of Pittsburgh