Write an essay where you tell us what test preparation practices work best for you and why.

One day David Kohl and his psychological group finalized their theory of learning. By defining seven learning styles, they categorized the differences in the methods of learning that each student undoubtedly has. For my AP Psychology exam, I had to memorize those learning styles and I did that by writing them over and over.
This approach to learning defines me as a visual learner. Whenever I have a major exam approaching, I am writing down concepts, formulas, and other necessary information I need to perform well. These preparation practices are essential to my studying routine because whenever I write something down on paper, the information is more likely to stay in my brain and be available for recall when I need it. The tactile nature of these techniques have proven to be essential to my preparation for the test.
When studying for a final exam, the information that needs to be remembered seems to be unending. Over the course of the year, as I was preparing for the chapter exams, I was writing outlines. This information, now re-opened, aids me in the process of recalling, not re-learning the information. While I do continue to use my visual learner techniques, I am a pianist and the memory skills I have sharpened from hours of practice, have defined me as an auditory learner.
The best piece of studying advice I have ever received was: when studying a topic that has deep, conceptual information, you should teach someone else. That someone else can be your dog, your younger brother, or even yourself in the mirror, but when you talk about a topic, it becomes obvious what knowledge has been retained, and what knowledge was forgotten. I have used this technique all thorough my high school career, and it has proven me well on exams.
Every person has a different way of studying, and it is imperative that the students discover what techniques work well for them. Through trial and error, I have found my test preparation practices, and am excited to use them at college.

Katie from Pennsylvania
High School Senior
Penncrest High School