Write an essay where you tell us what test preparation practices work best for you and why.

Preparing for tests are like a pair of shoes, not every size fits every person but once you try several different styles, one will ultimately work for you and help you walk to success. Personally, tests have always been a daunting event for me. I would sweat and feel sick due to the fear of failing, which I think is what we all are ultimate afraid of, in and out of testing. I remember sitting with my dad on school nights, him getting annoyed at me for not understanding a topic and me feeling hopeless that I would even pass the test let alone do well on it. My sister would come in every once in a while and take my dads place, and tell me things that would ease my stress and help me understand. This is what helped me succeed in high school, become the president of our biomedical sciences competition team at my high school, take more AP classes than most of my friends, and help push everyone to be a better version of themselves. She told me to take tests like I would eat an elephant, one bite at a time. She told me to take it one minute at a time, try to break it down and thoroughly understand the questions that were given. I knew how much I studied and I knew the topics, but once it was game time I froze. I had severe anxiety as a child and she knew this, I think when she taught me this technique she was keeping this in mind. We do not know the inevitable and honestly, one test will probably not matter in the grand scheme of things, but success does. This "test taking skill" has shaped my schooling and my life. When you break things down and analyze them, the intensity is not as bad. This could be applied to studying, a little bit everyday, or taking a American History test, doing the questions you know first and going back and trying again on the ones you might not understand. Almost every problem can be solved one step at a time and because of my sister I think that the best results come from this method.

Molly from Ohio
High School Senior
William Henry Harrison High School