Write an essay where you tell us what test preparation practices work best for you and why.

there cannot be only one way to prepare for different kinds of tests. Each subject is in need of special preparations in order to succeed at it.
To learn vocabulary, for example, I would have to rhyme a word with it in terms of meaning or structure of the word in order to remember its definition. To learn a formula, I would have to understand the context behind it or else I would never know why we are using the formula for this specific problem. To better understand history, I prefer learning in order of timelines to determine what caused what incident and discover the reasons and its effects in becoming so. To understand science, I cannot just memorize it, I would have to dive deep into its details in order to know it. To sing a song without looking at the lyrics, I have to search the story behind it to know why it is written that way and feel the moment and situation to remember the lyrics, music, and beat.
It is time-consuming to search behind every little thing, but it is amount to so much more accomplishments and talent in the future if one puts full passion and effort into the things they want to exceed at.

Lava from California
High School Senior
El Cajon Valley High School