Write an essay where you tell us what test preparation practices work best for you and why.

For me, learning to prepare for tests was an absolute necessity. I always wanted to have the best grades but most importantly LEARN the materials. This was especially true in Nursing school. I knew I needed all the information that I was studying to remain with me so that I could make the best of my career.

I have found that studying early mornings in the peace and quiet always seemed to make things stick out better in my brain. Secondly, just reading information or study guides never seemed to be enough. I find that writing information down in my own words makes the information make more sense and more easily able to apply the concepts. I also used color coding with highlighters to separate the materials in my notes. Flash cards were always a test preparation practice that were successful for myself. Constantly going through the flash cards at any free time also lends a helping hand to learning and retaining the information. Beyond the studying tips and tricks, preparing yourself for the actual test taking is almost equally important in my opinion. Getting a good night sleep, even though it sounds like a total cliche, has always helped me feel prepared and confident in my test taking abilities. Feeling well rested reduces stress and increases my ability to think through questions. Process of elimination is a huge key! I also have success with doing a quick run over of notes the morning of the test. However, make sure not to try and cram the information in. Rather, I just used the morning run through to refresh any questions I may have of the material. Very importantly, I learned to slow down and read the entire question. Read each question slowly and not jump to a conclusion about what the question is asking for. Many incorrect answers can be attributed to reading the question incorrectly.

Preparing for tests is something that is different for each and every person. Each individual must find their own best practice. Find out what works for you and your testing!

Kimberly from South Carolina
College Junior
Western Governors University