Write an essay where you tell us what test preparation practices work best for you and why.

From my experience of taking AP classes and plentiful SAT and ACT tests, what works best for preparing for these big tests is to begin studying at least one week before the test day. Everyday of that week at least 10 minutes of studying should be dedicated to the topic the test will be on. There should never be cram studying because more often than not, the nervousness of trying to retain so much information will actually cause the studier to forget information, or at least block out knowledge they once had down to rapidly make space for the new knowledge. One should never over study, either, because there is only so much a person can learn and retain. Why beat yourself up about not remembering the definition of ten vocabulary words when you do remember the definitions of about thirty other vocabulary words? Study to your limits, not your breaking points. Avoiding nervousness and anxiety in general is the key to doing better in taking tests. By giving yourself a week to study everything and get familiar with topics you are best at, you are eliminating the anxiety of feeling like you are unprepared. The night before the test, preparing a comfortable outfit and gathering utensils necessary for the tes will also ease tension. Ensuring that a calculator, pens, and pencils are all packed into your backpack will allow you a better nights rest and a calmer morning. Overall, managing time and prioritizing what should be studied are great ways for test preparation especially if the test is on a greater scale like an AP test or the SAT/ACT.

Lesliy from California
High School Senior
Silverado High School