Write an essay where you tell us what test preparation practices work best for you and why.

My test preparation starts at the beginning of the school year. The most important thing is to avoid is being absent or late. If I have a doctor's appointment, I would try and make the appointment after school, or when school is on break. I would try to sit in the front row in my classrooms in order to avoid any distraction while my teacher is teaching. I ask questions if I do not understand something, and I also go to sleep early when possible. I turned off my cell phone and charge it outside my bedroom to prevent the temptation of using it. I do my homework on time or ahead of time and know by setting reminders when a test is coming, to start reviewing ahead of time. In that way I can review efficiently, retaining and understanding the material clearly. There is no shortcut to prepare for a test for me. It really starts in the beginning of the school year sometimes and even in the summer if my teacher gives the class summer assignments. All these little steps are like climbing a ladder. Learning is a slow process for me in order to understand it better. Discipline and responsibility are two things that I had as a constant during my high school years. I also need time to rest, and to recharge myself; I found it necessary to drop the books for a little while and play some guitar, compose a song, go to the park with my friends to play a game of soccer or basketball, take time to watch a movie with my mom and dad or take my dog for a long walk. I looked forward for these valuable moments not only to renew my strength but as an opportunity to spend time with my love ones during the busyness of the school year as I am always preparing for a test or two. I try and review material in class everyday so when the test comes, I do not have to cram information the night before. As a person who needs time to digest material, I study a bit each night to fully grasp concepts. This has worked for me and is something I plan to continue as I enter college in the future.

Lance from Florida
High School Senior
Wesley Chapel High School