Write an essay where you tell us what test preparation practices work best for you and why.

Throughout middle and high school I have discovered many study techniques that have and have not worked for me. During my freshman and sophomore years of high school, I regularly used flashcards of definitions and study questions given to me in class for subjects other than mathematics. Instead of simply going through the flashcards aimlessly, I would make a pile of the questions/definitions I missed and write out those questions/definitions on a piece of paper. While writing out those missed questions/definitions I would also doodle and find different mnemonic devices to help with memorization. On the day of my test I would read through this paper and review my flashcards. This helped me to feel confident that I knew the material going into the test. This process began to take up too much time when I reached my junior year so I altered it slightly. For the most time efficient studying I would still make flashcards of definitions and questions, but only for the topics I for sure did not comprehend yet. I found this process to be better for me and eliminated a lot of unnecessary stress of feeling like I had to make a flashcard for everything. I made both written and online flashcards (through Quizlet) and found that they were both equally helpful.
My approach to test preparation for math classes involved doing the test reviews (if they were given) a few days in advance, and then redoing the test reviews the morning of the test. If I was unable to complete a problem I would search for videos online to help me or ask my teacher. I found that even if I did not understand how my teacher explained a question at first, by sitting down and thinking about the problem afterwards I was able to figure it out. I used this approach throughout middle and high school, which resulted in my ability to maintain an A average for every math class I've taken.

Gwennie from Tennessee
College Freshman
Middle Tennessee State University