Write an essay where you tell us what test preparation practices work best for you and why.

As a nursing student, test preparation was heavily influenced. It all starts with yourself. From the amount of sleep you get, what you eat, and how you go on about getting ready for the test. Of course, getting adequate amount of sleep is a must. Without sleep you start to lose concentration and can get sluggish. Do not try to stay up to get in as much studying as you can before the test. Trust me, it will catch up to you eventually and won't do you any good. Make sure you give yourself enough time in the first place to prepare for the test and avoid distractions . Cramming everything in at once, will not work. Giving yourself enough time to study will also allow you to have study breaks. Make sure you take breaks in between! Once again don't try to cram it all in at once. It will just go in through one ear and out the other. During those breaks, go out for a walk, snack, stretch, or just do something to get the blood flowing throughout your body. This can help you relax and get a fresh new start. It can relieve stiffness and stress to help you keep moving forward with your studying. Once you have a good understanding of everything, study groups can be an option. If you have questions about certain information that isn't making sense or that you just don't know about, ask! Don't be afraid to ask questions or to seek help. The goal of preparing for a test is to know all the content being included in it. Depending on the type of test you're taking, different strategies can be used. Some useful strategies include taking notes, writing flashcards, highlighting key information, doing practice questions, researching more into the topic, reading and even attending tutoring. I've found all of these to be useful, although they do take up extra time and effort to do. It all comes down to how much you put in to achieve your goals for the test. Tests aren't meant to be easy, they are meant to challenge and give you knowledge.

Gemma from Texas
College Junior
Midwestern State University