Write an essay where you tell us what test preparation practices work best for you and why.

Hi ! I am D'Angelo Ziy, a sophomore finance major attending Howard University.Growing up I was deemed to have a learning disability because I wrote abnormally and most of my test scores were always sordid since I had a mild comprehension problem.Though I was the student ambassador for student activities in senior year, my SAT was a 900. This score made me heavily depressed but joyful moments rejuvenated me though like when I was selected to be the motivational speaker for my high school graduation without having the 1st or 2nd highest GPA. While going to El Camino College, I never realized the science behind learning and that efficiency could be increased; this is where my test scores began to increase. While taking College Algebra I learned that retention is not only through repetition but also behind allowing the subconscious mind absorb all that you have learned. I began taking 10 minute naps because this increases retention rate because in the first part of the sleep cycle your subconscious mind is the most susceptible. This was pivotal to me passing that class with an A. This was also pivotal to me becoming President of the GREAT Men Club because this technique helped me remember a gamut of political jargon.When transferring to Howard University the academic rigor accelerated over night and my passion to succeed drove me to adapt. The way I adapted was reading academic journals on the best study techniques.Now I record my classes while taking notes in order to play them back to ensure I don't miss anything.On top of this, I color code and handwrite my notes.Color coding helps the brain categorize faster while handwriting is like engraining the material in the brain.Color coding, handwriting notes, and learning how to manipulate the gates of my subconscious mind are truly the cheat codes to achieving the epitome of test preperation.These have not only uplifted my grades but my work ethic and vision to one day become a financial advisor and help my community.

D'Angelo from California
College Sophomore
Howard University