Write an essay where you tell us what test preparation practices work best for you and why.

Test preparation begins as soon as the ink of my pen flows onto its journey of paper. To me, it’s more of a concept than a single event. This mindset of collecting gradual, bite sized tidbits of information over time has empowered me to face test anxiety with more confidence. Being an active learner in the classroom makes the process of studying for the test itself much less daunting. Notes are my best friend and taking well articulated notes is key to that friendship. Being involved and present during lecture is just as important as taking time to sit down and study the material. When I am fully present, participating in the culture of academia, I am later allowed the ability to look back on my notes and remember what it was like to sit in that environment and absorb information. I feel this method opens my memory to better retention of information. As test day approaches, I am less overwhelmed and can make connections much easier. I set a timer to study 100% distraction free, and make sure that I give my brain enough rest with breaks in between. I’m always open to learning new techniques and ways to prepare for tests, but these have been the successful methods for me so far.

Amanda from Washington
College Freshman
Lake Washington Institute of Technology