Write an essay where you tell us what test preparation practices work best for you and why.

Some of my great test preparation practices include creating a study guide, meeting with some classmates to discuss potential test questions, and review the class material. Creating a study guide works for me since it makes me feel prepared and is a way for me to study efficiently through memorization. Moreover, uniting with classmates helps me stay calm since I might get test anxiety and talk with others gives me confidence and positivity that I will do well on the test. Furthermore, reviewing class material is many times what the test is based off on, so practicing and memorizing class notes is great for test preparation. All those strategies are essential to test preparation, but it is also very important for me as a busy student to get a good amount of sleep the night before the test, eat healthy through the week, and to try and do some exercise throughout the exam week to get my mind and body healthy. Having a healthy mind and body helps me stay calm, relaxed, and have a positive mindset. Another great test preparation I practice is to study throughout the week and not all at once or the night before the test. Studying through the week works for me since it gives me more time to memorize the test material. It is a huge rule of mine to also never study in my bed and go to the library instead. Whenever I study in the library instead of in my bed, I find myself much more focused and with fewer distractions. This is something I have always applied to myself through my time at the university and have found it to be a great practice. As a student, I am very busy balancing extracurriculars, classes, and my part time job so it is a huge advantage that the library is open all day for students to get time in between our routine to study and prepare for tests. Overall, maintaining a healthy lifestyle, using time management, and using study group, making a study guide, and reviewing class material gives me confidence and positivity that I will do good on my test.

Marian from Arizona
College Sophomore
University of Arizona