Write an essay where you tell us what test preparation practices work best for you and why.

Your palms are sweaty, your throat is dry, and your pulse gradually increases as your teacher stands at the front of the room, announcing the date of the next grade-changing exam. Failing? Not an option. But how do you begin your quest in conquering this beast?
Balance. Effective test preparation techniques are all about balance. When it comes to studying, avoid doing too much of one thing or the other.

For example, question how well you know the material, but have some confidence in yourself. It would be perfect if the material was so deeply ingrained in your brain that it became a part of you; however, we're humans, not machines. We make mistakes but it's from those mistakes that we truly learn how to avoid making them again in the future.
Another thing to remember in your training to demolish the beast is to give yourself a break. Let me repeat: give yourself a break. However, don't use that as an excuse to slack off and take multiple breaks just so you won't have to confront the information you don't know.

You blink and the time has finally come. Your palms are still sweaty, your throat is still dry, and you notice your pulse gradually increasing. In a few moments, the battle will begin, and it'll be up to you to slay the beast once and for all!

Breathe. Before the exam begins, take a moment to take deep breaths and loosen up any remaining nerves. Breathe. A positive and collected attitude will get you through the test better than a frantically negative one. Briefly review to make sure you're ready, but give yourself a small pep talk and boost that confidence. Either way, you know you'll do fine thanks to all the studying you've done.

Faviola from Arkansas
High School Senior
eStem Public Charter High School