Write an essay where you tell us what test preparation practices work best for you and why.

1. Study
Okay, so this one is obvious, but studying does indeed help. The best way to study is to use memorization techniques. I like to use flashcards. I write the cards 2 weeks before the test, then study them every day until the test.

2. Teach Others
Another great test preparation skill is to teach others. For example, I teach my little siblings, my boyfriend, my best friend, and basically anyone who will listen to me about what test I am studying for. Two to three weeks leading up to the test, people in my life better be ready to hear about English Comp 2 or hear me rant about the powerhouse of the cell.

3, Lay out everything you need for the test the day before.
Calculator? Number 2 Pencil? Clothes? Water? Backpack? Lay it all out the night before.

4. Prepare for the tests dates and order of importance.
If your English Comp 2 course is only 2 credits, but your Introduction to Psychology is worth 4, put more effort into that one. Likewise, if your Biology 1 for Health Science Majors test is tomorrow, but your World LIterature isn't for another 3 days, study for Biology.

5. Make it Fun.
Cover the beginning of every paragraph with candy. Listen to film scores. Go to the library. Make a game out of studying. Do whatever to make it more fun.

6. Practice Tests.
This is the best tip. Practice Exams are the best. Often, the questions on previous tests or practice tests are on the real test or are information that can help you with the real test.

7. Get enough sleep.
If you are sleep deprived, you will not do as well. It's just a fact.

8. Finally, do not stress.
Yes, your grades matter. But stressing will actually make you perform worse. You will be so focused on passing, you will not actually learn. Allow yourself a five-minute freakout, then pour some coffee, set down, put your hair in a bun, and handle it.

Hannah from Texas
College Sophomore
American Public University