Write an essay where you tell us what test preparation practices work best for you and why.

It does seem very cliché, but why do students “Cram for the Exam”? I believe the main issue with cramming, is that while the student is severely compressing their studying schedule, they end up losing much-needed sleep time. The student still requires knowledge of the content in order to perform well on a test but sacrificing 4 or 5 hours of sleep can prove to be counterproductive.
Two words, “Don't procrastinate!”. This is one the most paramount tips we can give any student. Always begin test preparation days long before an exam. Regularly review lecture notes and necessary reading assignments. If you're preparing for final exams or mid-term, you will need to prioritize. Make sure adequate time can be dedicated to those exams that are more important.
Setting up a regular time schedule to study is critical for achieving excellent test results. A student can leverage calendars, weekly and daily schedules that include regular study sessions. You can customize your study schedule as you progress through the term, but make sure the study sessions are planned in advance.
Teachers tend to repeat their methodology each time they administer a test. I regularly watch for clues that the teacher might provide about probable questions and formats that may be included in the test. I would also recommend participating at test review session, if it was made available to you and ask questions about unclear topics or content. As they say, “the only stupid question is the one you don’t ask”.
Never be embarrassed about directly asking the teacher the best way to study for the test. Scores of teachers are open to sharing hidden secrets and keys suggestions for students as to how best prepare for their exams.
Students may also opt to review as part of a study group in addition to studying on their own. A well-formed study group is an optimal way to review in preparation for an exam. The support group of students have a unique opportunity to compare notes, fill in any gaps.

Sofia from Maryland
High School Senior
Bel Air High School