Write an essay where you tell us what test preparation practices work best for you and why.

When it comes to preparing for a major exam such as the content certification exam anxieties and mixed emotions can arise. In order to keep those anxieties at bay preparing is essential to doing well. There are Plenty of ways that I personally use to help me prepare for examinations. To begin with, I set aside and plan ahead for studying content. I try to set aside time and make sure to look ahead on the calendar and count how many days I have until an examination. Doing so allows me to understand the timeframe I have to prepare. Once I know that I have a certain amount of time to prepare I go ahead and separate content and choose a time each day to study. For example I choose to study about one hour a day. Although this does not seem like a lot of time to study it is actually a great amount to get things done if you can also sit down In a quiet room without disturbances. If you do not know what your disturbances are when you study it is important that you find out by doing a test run of studying. For many music helps when studying, for me personally I enjoy sitting down in a quiet room. Also believe that it is essential to pick out a time during the day that isn’t between classes or before work Does your mind is probably thinking of other items. It has come to my experience that it is important to study during a time that isn’t stressful because it can keep you from thinking about other material. I prefer to study when I get off class or after work. When I begin studying the content I make sure I have pens, notebook paper and highlighters that can help me kinesthetically by following and touching the paper of which the material is on. This Allows me to make sure that I am following along with material and not just reading it but instead grasping the material. Although this is not for everybody it works for me and has proven effective for my study habits. Overall, planning ahead helps my preparation of studying for exams.

Lisa from Texas
College Junior
Texas A&M University