Write an essay where you tell us what test preparation practices work best for you and why.

Great test preparation looks different for everyone.My“great test preparation practices”include study guides/practice problems,repetition,and perseverance.These are three key things anyone can develop over time.This has worked for me because I live by these studying habits!I take three study guides/practice problems(that will be on the test)and do them over until I complete each one with one hundred percent!The best results from students are seen when the proper materials and explanations are provided.
Study guides/practice problems help students thrive and understand what is placed in front of them.Given new material and no explanation leaves students with questions and additional stresses that are preventable.If a step by step problem is presented,walked through at a reasonable pace,and questions are asked at points of confusion. How can a student get the problem wrong?Study guides have what each student is expected to understand and will be tested on.
Repetition is one of the keys of studying.This method of studying has been scientifically proven to help students solidify information! While this is not everyone's method of learning,I do know that it is mine.In order to memorize I must write out and speak out loud eight times whatever it is that I need to memorize.Once I've done this by the ninth time I know the formula,Shakespeare passage,or vocabulary word definition.If students are properly taught how to study with repetition they are set up to better understand their own capability.
Perseverance.Studying for school is hard,but anyone who goes to study has persevered slightly,as they are taking something they aren’t good at,and they are getting better.As a student athlete this particular great preparation"allowed me to conquer any test or quiz put in front of me!
Students everywhere have a plethora of learning methods and exposure to learning methods helps students find theirs.What works for me may not work for the next student,but each students must Persevere.

Analaura from California
High School Senior
Carlsbad High School