Write an essay where you tell us what test preparation practices work best for you and why.

The kind of test preparation that works best for me depends on what kind of test it is. Generally, for something like a lesson quiz that covers only a small amount of curriculum, I just read over my notes and write down the key points covered in the lesson on a single notecard (e.g. important equations, definitions, and examples). I have also discovered that taking outline notes throughout the lesson helped me remember the material better. Despite the outline notes being fairly time consuming, I still choose to do them knowing I don’t have to spend as much time studying and cramming right before a test. Outlining have also helped me retain the information for a longer period of time. Thus, when it comes time for a unit test or semester final, I never need to re-teach myself from square one.
In terms of test preparation for something like an unit test or a semester final, I like to make an single-page reference sheet for each unit to use as my study guide. In this reference sheet, I include all of the important formulas, vocabulary, diagrams, and other key details, as well as any examples that I found to be helpful. In order to fit all of the information on just a single page front and back, I type using 8 to 9 pt. font Times New Roman, which is small but still big enough to read. The reason why I stick with just one page front and back is because I have found it easier to skim do last-minute studying when I have less papers and stay organized. In addition, the fewer papers I have, the less overwhelmed I feel before a test because it makes it seem that there isn’t too much content. As for the physical layout of this reference page, I make a spreadsheet and format the cells so that each cell contains information on a different topic.
Of course, test preparation also varies depending on the subject as well. For example, for a math quiz, I would still make note of the important formulas and key concepts, but I would most likely spend more time solving practice problem

Sarah from California
High School Senior
Woodbridge High School