Write an essay where you tell us what test preparation practices work best for you and why.

The main concept we have to understand is studying hard does not make someone successful, studying smart does. I have always studied by not memorising stuff but rather understanding them. One should not study for a test or an exam but for gaining knowledge. By this method I have successfully made studying and recalling stuff a passive task. It’s like a motor skill, I do not have to revise anything but it is built in my system.

Also in subjects like biology where you have to really mug up rather than understanding, try to imagine the cycles, anatomy, physiology etc. it would help you a lot while recalling them. Also sometimes flash cards help.

At last, because of the education system we have, we have to prepare and practise the skill of giving an exam. So the best strategy that I have used is by timing myself and giving small small test before a big one to prepare my self. It really helps if you have never given a big timed test like SAT.

I have an additional tip for students who are being homeschooled or student who do not pay attention in class or student who do not understand things in class. I would suggest you to use resources like khan academy, YouTube, etc to gain knowledge about the topics. Also, I used the text to speech feature of Siri and made it read my books aloud to me.

Avyesh from Arizona
College Freshman
University of Arizona