Write an essay where you tell us what test preparation practices work best for you and why.

Test preparation needs to start as soon as the semester begins. As a student with a STEM major, I believe that when your concepts are clear, test preparation becomes much easier. First and foremost, I read textbooks and and go over the notes which are provided by my teachers. Once I go over the study material, I make 2 separate sheets of notes. One sheet consists of all the major concepts I need to understand and the other sheet consists of important formulas or points I need to memorize. I draw flow charts and map out diagrams which gives me on overall view of all the concepts and how they are interconnected. Making flashcards is my go to when it comes to memorizing a lot of different concepts. Additionally, I like to practice tests before an exam to condition myself to the time constraint I may be under. Furthermore, it is advisable to look at past year papers if they are available. Analyzing previous tests helps me figure out which topics I need to pay more attention on and the format of the exam becomes known. I do not hesitate to ask my professors for help when a concept is unclear. Use reliable resources on the internet which aid studying. There are numerous videos and apps which make studying enjoyable. I make sure to start preparing as soon as possible as it becomes difficult to retain information last minute. Maintaining calm and composure is key to being successful in an exam. I have a strict rule against going over any study material just before the exam. It does not help to overload information last minute and it makes me panic. I am able to recall information better and think logically when I am calm. During the exam, believe in your instincts. Sometimes when making a choice between multiple choice answers becomes tricky, in this case use logical deduction to eliminate answers. There is a higher chance to getting answers correct using this method. Managing your time is key during test preparation. Prioritize and conquer the study material.

Krisha from Arizona
College Junior
University of Arizona