Write an essay where you tell us what test preparation practices work best for you and why.

When I learn new content leading up to a test, I make note of important topics and ideas. I compile all of these ideas and topics into a single slide show which I use to teach myself on the week leading up to a test. This helps me understand the content by manipulating it in a way that I can understand and teach myself. It helps me also teach others who may be having trouble in specific topics. For more specific topics like biology, I often take a subject and draw a concept map with all the specific items listed and noting how they all connect to each other. I can visualize everything that I draw and write in my head which helps immensely when stuck on a problem for a test. Both of these practices use repetition as the primary resource for preparation. By writing down and repeating the info that I have already learned, I understand some of the faults I may have initially learned, and solidify the concepts that I grasped with confidence. They also create great study tools. Concept maps and slide shows are easy to look at and can be visually pleasing and make for something that stand out in memory when taking a test.

Avery from Georgia
High School Senior
Johnson High School