Write an essay where you tell us what test preparation practices work best for you and why.

Throughout my time of schooling, I have prepared for tests in many different ways. Some working very well for me and others not so much. I have found that some practices work very well for a particular type of test or class I am taking the test for. An example of this would be a math test. For a while, I had no idea how to study for math and my grades showed that. For some odd reason I thought that staring and reading at a review sheet would help me get a good grade. However, it was not until my sophomore year of high school where I had begun preparing the right way. I found that doing worksheets over and over again was the best way for me to get the grade I wanted. The way I study for a math based test is different then the way I would study for a history or language arts test. Throughout school, I found that those two classes are much more memory based rather than skill based. Reading over a book for language arts class or a text book for history class is how I would prepare for a test in those subjects. The SAT that was very different. The first time I took the test I did not prepare as well as I should have. The second time I was going to prepare my self and do it the right way. I studied for the SAT by doing nothing but test practice 45 minutes every day. I focused a lot on the math and it ultimately worked out very well. I think this method worked for me because the test practice really helped me prepare for the types of questions on the test. The repetitiveness of the test practice was the most helpful part because I learned how to take the test rather than just knowing the information. All in all, my methods of test preparation were all about trial and error until I found what worked for me.

justin from New Jersey
High School Senior
Wallkill Valley Regional High School