Write an essay where you tell us what test preparation practices work best for you and why.

My test preparation works best for me because I review over a span of 1-2 weeks. Once we begin to learn about the topic, I start to review my notes from day one. As we continue to learn about our topic, new materials are being brought up and each day after class i would spend about 30 to 40 minutes reviewing materials from that day and previous days. This helps simulate my mind to remember to materials that we touched based on the days before. Once the test is about 2-3 days away, I would sit myself down and think of written test questions in order to test myself and my knowledge. I conduct about 3-5 questions from each notes of page taken in order to quiz myself on the materials that we learned about in class. Once I feel comfortable with what I know, I ease up on those materials and the last couple of days before the test I focus on the new materials that was taught in class leading up to the test. The evening/night before the test is most crucial for me to do well. I try not to stress myself on this day and only do a light over view. I re-read my notes and go through the my made up written test and see if there are still questions that I am unsure of. I also try to sleep earlier than usually so that I can wake up an hour earlier to go through my notes one more time. This method works best for me because it stimulates my brain over a 1-2 weeks span instead of cramming everything in the last couple of days. This method helps me think about the materials that I've learned each day, instead of learning than not looking over my notes again till the day before the test. If I am able to keep my mind working and running, it will makes it easier for me to remember the materials and feel less anxious when the test date arrives.

Kim from Minnesota
College Sophomore
Concordia University St. Paul