Write an essay where you tell us what test preparation practices work best for you and why.

Whether you are in Pre-K or an adult preparing for your annual work review, just the mention of the word "test", and the impact and weight of its outcome, can induce panic, sweats, brain fog, temporary amnesia and an all out Edvard Munch scream. But the truth is you CAN handle it. You can remain calm and focused under pressure and conquer the almighty test. It's all about preparation and confidence in that preparation. I was lucky. My mother is a career teacher and because this topic is so important to academic success, she also taught a course specifically in test preparation and SAT/ACT prep. I also took her course and here is what I've learned. Trust your ability for recall. Know how you learn and retain information best. Auditory, Tactile, Visual. Read and re-read. Memorize important facts, figures, formulas, people, geography, dates, etc. Take 3 x 5 cards and write down each of these. Go through your cards on lunch, after school/work and just before bed. Your subconscious mulls over things on the brain just before sleep. So instead of watching television, go over our notes then hit the hay. You can have someone take the cards and ask you questions based on them. You can also elaborate on the opposite side of the card. Repetition is key. Just like a commercial or movie you remember and can recite. You've seen it over and over again and know it. This can also be done with a computer, phone or other recording device and playback. Studies show that when you write it, you remember it. Another tip is to find something interesting or personally relatable about the topic. Perhaps it is fun fact or a nostalgic moment that you can attach to the information to make it more interesting. I was never good at math. I just didn't get it. But I took the stories of the people who came up with mathematics and it helped me to remember the different rules and formulas and why we use them. Find what works for you and be dedicated. Remember, you can do this!

Leigh from Florida
College Freshman