Write an essay where you tell us what test preparation practices work best for you and why.

After many years, I have finally discovered my study system. I think it's vitally important for each and every student to discover what works for them through trial and error, but for me, preparedness begins with a strict, color-coded schedule, a full bottle of water, and a snack. It's important to put yourself in the right amount of noise, so find a study spot at home or in the library or dorm that works for you, whether you need silence or not. Next step is to bring all past notes and tests and make yourself a study guide. Even writing the study guide is part of the process, where you revisit the corrections on past tests and re-read your notes. After completing your study guide, it's a good idea to get another student in your class or your TA to check your answers so that you can go back in and rewrite the notes of the questions you answered incorrectly. Don't be afraid to abuse the power of your highlighter and say things out-loud if you're in public or in a group. The next step, especially for big exams, is to teach it to a friend once you have it concrete in your own brain. My boyfriend and I will take turns when we're studying during finals, teaching mock crash courses on our classes to each other. That's the last thing you should do to prepare for a big exam, because it's the true test of your preparedness, if you can teach it effectively to someone else.

Sarah from Georgia
College Junior
Stetson University