Write an essay where you tell us what test preparation practices work best for you and why.

There are many ways to help prepare for tests and exams including making notecards, study guides, games, studying at night (especially the night before), and drawing pictures. The ways I have found myself to study the best is with notecards, creating study guides, and cramming the night before along with studying thoroughly every day leading up to then. I use notecards for vocabulary because it not only helps me remember, it forces me not to look at the definition before I answer. Also, I can use many different colors to differentiate the different topics I am studying. Another thing I use notecards for is to quiz myself on the functions of certain things. For example, the different functions of the lobes of the brain. In pre calculus this year I also used notecards to remember all of the formulas we had to have memorized. Notecards have aided me tremendously in my high school career, so I will unquestionably use that technique in college. Making study guides is another way I always study. Making a study guide lays out what you will need to know for your test or exam. Study guides also help because you can easily and quickly review everything because it is all right in front of you. Notecards can get a little all over the place. It is so easy to just take it out to study, and you can take it anywhere with you. Making study guides has been the cause of many astounding grades for me in high school. The third studying technique that helps me prepare for tests is cramming the night before the test. I study all the way up until then, but it is a known fact that studying at night causes you to remember more and I have found that to be very true. I have always crammed the night before and it has always paid off because I have always remembered almost everything if not everything. Also, cramming the night before relieves some of the stress I have for the test the next day. Without using these techniques I wouldn’t have received the grades I did in high school.

Brooklynn from Kansas
High School Senior
Piper High School