Write an essay where you tell us what test preparation practices work best for you and why.

For me, the best way to prepare for a test is to start early. Beginning to study when I find out about the upcoming test allows me to space out my study time and feel less overwhelmed when the date gets closer and closer. To study I will make flash cards, color code certain facts, and attempt various extra problems to make sure I know the material. Making flashcards is helpful for me because I can separate the cards I know from the cards I do not easily. Then I practice the cards I do not know more than the ones I do until I can get them all right. For some tests, like math or science related, I will do extra problems to make sure I know the material. For example, if we get assigned the odd numbers I will do a few even while I study.

About two days before the test date, I stop studying as much because if I keep studying up until the test is given, I will start cramming. Cramming information into my head makes me forget everything I studied. Having a few days to relax is helpful and vital to keeping my mental space calm and ready to seek the information I know is in there.

On test day I always go to sleep slightly early and make sure I get a full eight hours of sleep, and when I do wake up I eat breakfast. Some days I do skip breakfast or I will grab something on my way to school like a granola bar, but not on a big test day. Having a hearty meal will keep my energy up. It also helps because I will not get hungry as I am taking the test and become distracted by that fact.

Addison from New Hampshire
High School Senior
Spaulding High School