Write an essay where you tell us what test preparation practices work best for you and why.

Exams used to send heat flashes through my body and caused my heart to drop. I am not afraid of tests anymore because I have adopted great preparation practices. The key to a successful exam is correlated to the amount of effort put into preparation, and especially the amount of spacing between study sessions. As I have learned from college, you cannot study simply the night before, because retaining information is not feasible. However, I tend to break up my study sessions throughout the entirety of one week. I put in a couple of hours each night. Usually, I start by studying the lecture one day, the homework associated with the lecture the next, and any previous tests or quizzes that correlate to the information the following day. I know that my studying was spaced out, and that I am prepared if I feel ready for the exam, even the day before. I utilize the day before as a time to review what I already know, and to brush over concepts that I may have struggled with. Of course, breaking up studying is not my only tactic. I tend to learn well from friends. If there is any point in time that I can have a group study session, I am all in. The key to great test preparation is rewarding yourself. Besides the exciting exam grade, good preparation allows me to retain the information through the whole semester. This means that I do not need to study for the final as much, and that I am able to develop any ideas further through the semester. As part of the reward process, I tend to take breaks. These could include a walk around the neighborhood; a moment to allow me to develop the information. I am a twin. Competition within my house has always been big, especially when you see your other half succeed further than you. Him and I tend to compare grades to try better the next time. The best part about being a twin within the same academic program is the fact that everything he learns is relevant to myself. This way, I always have a study partner to make it fun.

Brandon from New York
College Freshman
D'Youville College