Write an essay where you tell us what test preparation practices work best for you and why.

The best test preparation strategies for me are repetition, rewriting, and memorization. I also like to use practice tests and study guides when available or create my own. By the time I actually take the test I’ll likely still be anxious but by then I would’ve beyond prepared for it.
As soon as I know that there is an upcoming test or exam; I immediately outline my study plan accordingly. If the test is in less than a month, then I’ll start by creating a personal study guide. This will be a comprehensive guide that can include pictures or statistics if they help me better understand the subject. My study guide will also contain extra space to add new information later. Depending on the difficulty of the exam I might start reviewing it biweekly at first then progress to devoting a few hours every other day. By looking at the material over and over, it is easy for me to see what a possible question might refer to. As I keep looking at the same information it becomes easier for me to remember. I might read aloud some parts of the material, and then try to recall it with my eyes closed to see how well I do. By determining what I know and what I don’t know, I can focus my studying efforts on the subjects that I am poor in. In the week before the exam, I will be laying off the repetition and rewrite what I’ve already written about the subject to remember new details.
Rewriting is a truly underrated routine. Not only does it make better writers but it is helpful for test preparation. Rewriting can help a student include easy to miss details or establish connections between subjects that seem unrelated. There’s usually a practice question section at the end of every chapter of a textbook. Even if those questions aren’t on the exam, they might still be helpful to go over and rewrite. I always try to take a practice test before a major test. The most important part of test preparation regardless of the type of study habits employed is staying focus on doing well.

Thurman from Maryland
College Junior
University of Maryland- Baltimore County