Write an essay where you tell us what test preparation practices work best for you and why.

During my high school and early college career I've always found taking tests to be very difficult. No matter how hard I would study the material, the information that I learned would merely evaporate into thin air out of my mind. I've tried flashcards, reading notes aloud, mnemonic devices, and sitting in complete silence without distractions but they all ended the same way. After not being enrolled in college for 4 years and then returning I think I found out why I could never learn the material, it was because I simply did not care. Since returning to school I've been taking classes that I love and they motivate me to want to learn which has never been the case for me. I was forced to take math and sciences classes that I despised. Those subjects have never come natural to me and they never will so trying to study something that I just cannot comprehend is a recipe for failure in my book. I decided to go back to school to pursue a degree in Early Childhood Education with a focus on International Education while learning 3 languages. I have a passion for learning languages and teaching/helping others. Languages are very difficult to some people but I found this to be the opposite for me. While taking French and Spanish classes simultaneously it can be really difficult to differentiate many of the words and the grammar structure because they're so similar but I found it to be easy after just focusing on one language a day rather than overload myself with too much information in one day. I discovered a switch in my head that I could turn on and off to help me block out the information from one language to the other. It's difficult for me to put into words rather than to just do it while reading over the material and learning it. To conclude, when preparing for a test in any subject, I've found that my mind has a switch that I can turn on to help me take in what I learn and to absorb the information rather than to just look at it. I'm exceeding my own expectations.

Trevor from Pennsylvania
College Junior
Slippery Rock University of Pennsylvania