Write an essay where you tell us what test preparation practices work best for you and why.

Before I take an AP test, or a test in general, I have a series of preparation routines I go through in order to ensure I do my best. Besides the obvious, such as getting a great sleep, studying with friends, and eating well before the exam, I have other steps that just might help others! Before the night of my test, I plan out an outfit that makes me feel confident. Once you look confident, you feel confident which will ensure me that I have the test in the bag! I also try to get a great workout in, I want my blood flowing , and also want myself to feel good about myself. If I feel good about the way I look and my health, I can focus on the test and transfer all my energy and confidence into doing well. I also try to listen to some music to help relax my senses. Listening to music helps me relax, and not stress so much about the test. If I stress then that’ll let the test consume me which I don’t want. If I listen to music , it calms the nerves and helps me focus on doing well. In order not to get anxiety or stress before the test, listening to my favorite songs help me focus on doing well, and let’s me relax. Once those steps are taking , the last ones are the most important to me! I try to surround myself with love ones of positive energy in general. I make sure to either be with someone that helps me believe in myself, or just me believe in myself. Although believing in yourself is great, having someone else like a parent or significant other just helps you realize you are powerful beyond measurement. That helps me realize that I can pass the test, and honestly any obstacle that is in my path. My test taking preparation always helps me focus and guides me on the right path to pass my test! I often share these tips with others and they agree with my ideas, and try to use them for their advantage! My test taking preparation may seem to be a little unique but I feel like they can help anyone and not just myself! Let’s all pass together!

Frank from California
High School Senior
California Highschool