Write an essay where you tell us what test preparation practices work best for you and why.

My test preparation practices include: organizing my studies, develop a study plan, start a study group, create quizzes, and always stay positive! By organizing my studies, I take precise notes in class and highlight key points on what could possibly be a question on the test. My study plan is divided into three parts. Based on what subject I am studying for, I pick from my three methods which are: notecards, quizlet, or to rewrite the notes. Starting a study group can be fun and easy, all you need are a few friends or classmates! When a study group is formed, it needs to be organized. Creating quizzes are also efficient ways to prepare for test. Quizlet is a very helpful tool when it comes to creating quizzes. There are many methods you can choose from on quizlet if you do not have any of your own! My last task is to always remain positive through the process. The easiest way for me is to keep an open mind and trust in my self that I have taken all the necessary steps to help prep myself for the test.

Lexie from Louisiana
High School Senior
Neville High School