Write an essay where you tell us what test preparation practices work best for you and why.

The achieve a great test score you need great test preparations! First, we need to ask ourself “is this test in two weeks or two days?” Because let’s be honest we’ve all been there. If I’m short on time, I go straight to YouTube. Listening to the material a few times helps me understand the big picture. If I have more time, after listening to the material I go more in depth with my notes/textbook. I always use my professors outline as a guide to make sure I pay attention to specific details that could be asked on a test.
It’s important to stay organized to prevent becoming overwhelmed with heavy material. I use multiple colors of highlighters and pens. Colored tabs to work by section and chapters. Also a trick I learned, when studying with flash cards I use colored flash cards or I separate the flash cards into distinct subjects. Having a huge stack of flash cards on my desk has lead me to procrastinate. I spend a few hours a day studying then I review. I continue to slowly add more material then review again. It’s all about what routine works best for you because everyone is different. I am a visual learner. Therefore constantly reviewing material helps me grasp the information.
Always keep an agenda to make sure your on top of your assignments and deadlines to prevent a rushed study session because the best preparation to guarantee a passing grade is to rest the night before. Pulling an all nighter will cause stress, tiredness, and a failing grade because of how drained we pushed our body. Remember to study smarter, not harder.

Daisy from Texas
College Junior
Concordia University Texas