Write an essay where you tell us what test preparation practices work best for you and why.

Taking a test can be nerve-wrecking before, during, and after as you try to cram the necessary information into your head to take the take and wait for the results. I would receive advice from others, telling me to stay level-headed and “you’ll do fine.” However, I felt as though I worked best under the pressure even though I am just stressing myself out even more. I have learned that some studying techniques work better for me to successful prepare for my exams.
Review sessions, practice tests, and study guides are the most effective means of assessment preparation for honing my test taking skills. Whether the exams are multiple choice, short answer, or calculation-based, I find myself acing them when I can expect and practice a similar kind of exam beforehand. That’s not to say that I memorized the content, but rather built repetition in encountering similar problems so that I can apply learned concepts better. The more brain regions that store data about a particular problem or subject, the more interconnection there is within. This redundancy means that I will have more opportunities to pull up all those related bits of data from their storage areas in response to a single cue as I proceed with my exam.
Another test preparation practice that I have found tremendously helpful is the use of Quizlet, a mobile flashcard app. When using this app, I am attempting to remember the concept from scratch rather than simply staring at the passage in your textbook or recognizing it on a multiple choice quiz. This active recalling can create stronger neuron connections for memory trace and help facilitate repetitive learning. This is great for me to learn complex concepts by breaking them down into simpler parts. Flashcards can also be personalized for my own learning by incorporating pictures or mnemonics that can further aid my preparation for those important exams. However, these methods are only as effective as the time put in by the students.

Hang from Texas
College Junior
University of Houston