Write an essay where you tell us what test preparation practices work best for you and why.

The main thing I do to prepare for tests is to take notes. Personally, I think taking notes is a great way to be able to understand class material in your own words. When I take my own notes, I try to "dumb down" the more difficult concepts I learn in class by writing using my own language. Should a concept be easier, it's likely I'll write down, word for word, what my professor said or wrote; however, should it be something new to me, I'll attempt to write my notes in a way that I can understand them, which means I won't write exactly what the professor said or wrote. After taking notes, I tend to just read them over until I can memorize the material to a certain point. I'll tend to look over notes on harder material more than I do for material I easily understand. Reading over my notes over and over again is my go-to strategy for studying for exams; I take notes in all my classes, so I always have the material with me and I find it easy to understand my own language. I'm able to memorize most of the learned concepts after a while, and this strategy hasn't failed me yet, as I've passed every exam I've taken in my classes so far. It may not be a strategy that pleases or helps everyone, but it's what I do and it helps me.

Franklin from Pennsylvania
College Junior
Moravian College