Write an essay where you tell us what test preparation practices work best for you and why.

When I have a test coming soon, the first thing I do is lay out all of my materials on my desk: notes from class in one pile, notes taken at home in another pile, homework in the third pile, and then all graded assessments in the final pile. This is possible because throughout the school year I am careful to keep things very organized, usually paper-clipping and storing things in the file cabinet section of my desk so that come time to start studying, I don't panic and wonder where everything is.
To study and absorb the material in a focused and organized progression, I move from pile to pile and record notes from each as I go. I start with the in-class notes pile; reading it, highlighting key pieces, and on a separate piece of paper writing down the main points to focus on. Then I go on to my at-home notes pile, where again I record the most important aspects. When I go on to the homework pile, I do some practice to prepare for what it will be like to take the test itself. If it is math I sample a few practice problems, and if it is History or English or another writing subject, I sample writing an intro or outline. Finally, I go on to the assessments pile where the questions most similar to what will be on the test are found. At this stage I re-do any questions I got wrong, go over those that may have confused me, and record the common mistakes I have made while learning the subject. Once all the initial review is done, I turn the study guide I have created through the process into a form of assessment on Quizlet. I usually try to finish this process 1-2 days before the test itself, so that in the time I have left I can study and practice my Quizlet to keep the material fresh. I have perfected this process, at list in a way that works for me, over the last several years of middle and high school, and it has not failed me yet. Heading off into college I am glad to be prepared with an organized method of studying.

Halle from Connecticut
High School Senior
Mercy High School