Write an essay where you tell us what test preparation practices work best for you and why.

How I Study
Every person is different and all have a different mindset, so studying for everyone is also, guess what, different. The way I study has three different parts: paying attention in class, rereading and writing the needed material, and quizing myself on the section. When following these three steps my test scores are always good and studying does not take very long.
The first step is not really studying, but paying attention is the most important part. When you don’t pay attention and it comes time to study, you have no idea what you’re looking at and you’ll need to basically reteach yourself the entire section to fully understand it. When paying attention some things I do is I try not to think about anything else, this way I’m focused on the topic and know what is happening. Straying off for even a minute sets me back in a fast moving lesson. Paying attention is the first step to my studying habit.
Second, is to go over the section that you are preparing for. When going over the section I reread all of my notes and write down any key topics or formulas that I need to remember. Writing down the topics and formulas helps me remember them which is one reason why this method works for me.
Third, I quiz myself on the topic. I do this by creating questions in my head based on the notes and trying to answer them. One example is if I remember the name of a formula, I will try to write out the formula to make sure I know it. This also connects back to how writing out things helps me remember them.
This is my way of studying and it is actually a very simple method, but it works good for me. It helps me remember what I need to remember and it doesn’t take that much time either. Which helps with my relatively busy schedule as an AP, Honors, and athletic student.

Justin from California
High School Senior
Silverado High School