Write an essay where you tell us what test preparation practices work best for you and why.

Test prep to me first comes with making sure I know when the tests are by keeping track of classes and work deadlines with a planner that I actually refer to frequently. It is not a good feeling when you forget and don't have what you need for an assessment. Keeping track and following through with what to do for known deadlines go together. I am a multi media type of studier. A little background noise serves as a means of focus. Good light and my gaming chair with space on my desk also work well. Time. Time is the next factor of importance. Following the schedule and meeting deadlines helps. However, being a busy kid in high school also plays a distracting role. Practices and events eat into the most important study tool of time. Limited time takes me into quick fix study time methods of reviewing notes and paraphrasing and rereading key points with talking it through and memory devices in there, too.
I can't say that what I do is great, but I can say that it works for me. I keep a schedule so I don't forget what has to be done and when, I try to give a good amount of time to be prepared, I work in a comfortable setting with the necessary items for me, and I put it all on the line when I am in a pinch without the time necessary for the best success. Common sense and a solid work ethic and caring about learning are the elements that would make studying and prepping a breeze for all - if we could only make an app or social media outlet for that, we would master the test prep/studying world!

William from West Virginia
High School Senior
East Hardy High