Write an essay where you tell us what test preparation practices work best for you and why.

During my three years of college-level academics, I have had mixed success while studying for a test. It wasn’t until I tried tutoring others that I evaluated the effectiveness of my own methods. Did I have a productive method? I usually find memorization easy, but does that make me a good student? Not necessarily.
Memorization does not ensure learning, in fact, the chance that you will retain anything useful after the test is often slim. Memorization alone is not studying, nor are you benefiting from your education.
Here are habits that I have found helpful in every class.
Schedule your time. Setting aside time to do what is important helps greatly with focus and commitment in every context. It will also be easier to relax and take a break when you need it.
Take brief and organized notes, both when reading your textbook and when taking notes during lectures. a common mistake is attempting to copy every sentence and powerpoint slide into your notebook, rarely looking up for fear of missing something and being tested on it later. The problem is there is likely no organization, and so time is wasted scouring notes for concrete, useful information when this could have been accomplished during the lecture. Will a classmate be able to look at my notes and know what the teacher was trying to teach? Why or why not?
Find the connections. This applies to everything from History to Engineering. I believe that this is the most substantial part of studying. How are these terms or facts related? Why is this information significant? How can I best organize this information so that I understand it? Don’t be afraid to ask your teacher for help! That’s what they’re there for.
Memorize. I said previously that memorization alone does not make a good student, but it is still crucial. The point is that it should be the last step, not the only step. By now, you have already done the bulk of the work, and this final step will ensure that you know what you need to know.

Amera from California
College Junior
Bob Jones University