Write an essay where you tell us what test preparation practices work best for you and why.

Knowledge is obtainable only if desired. Individuals can travel the world and experience the unknown and become much more knowledgeable just by acknowledging the world. However, this all starts with education in the school system. Often times students skip out on studying primarily because they procrastinate or even push it aside. In reality, this is all an excuse because many times students are clueless on how studying actually looks like. Studying is different for everyone and it can be done in many different ways. Therefore, my test preparation practices is simply re-writing the notes several times and quizzing myself on it.
Technology is growing by day and is often blamed for distractions. Although, this can be true, it also holds the power and opportunity of helping with students seeking an understanding of a certain topic. I have found that using Quizlet, an online studying tool has improved the grades I will get in my forensics class. At first my teacher enforced this on her many students and seemed silly. But as I continue to use it I discovered that the flash cards, games, and quizzes helps to retain what I previously learned in class. Repeatedly learning the same information has even minimized the time I need on exam day. This website is not ordinary flash cards that get boring, in fact, after time I get interested in studying certain content because I even get to compete with other students in my school where through a game we can challenge how well we know that certain topic. This consistent challenge allows for the desire to master the topic in order to win in this friendly competition.
Therefore, this test taking practice skill is the best because it keeps students entertained while learning regardless of the grade you are in. It allows teachers to keep track of students and that effort is being put into our grades and later on future. Meaning, this confidence is the best way to ace a test but also better our knowledge regardless of age.

Natalie from New York
High School Senior
Validus Preparatory Academy