Write an essay where you tell us what test preparation practices work best for you and why.

The driving force for the scientific world as we know it comes down to how do we take our knowledge and expand upon that. The discoveries that have come before us and the ones that are on the brink of discovery have a common beginning of students pouring their hearts into expanding their knowledge of their field of study. Personally, these fields are Molecular and Cellular Biology, Nutrition, and Biochemistry where I am pushing myself to make bigger connections in order to better understand the connection between the nutrients we metabolize and the how they impact the cells that allow us to be us. My success in being a 4.0 student is my studying habits that are effective without being time consuming. Many go to the library where they will sit for hours studying and cramming the days before a test where I go to the gym or my local river path and do 90 minutes of cardio. Yes, you did read that right, I study while I am working out. I turn my class notes into notecards and then will walk or cycle where I simultaneously go through them. It has been proven that exercising increases your memory, ability to learn, and concentration through the release of a powerful neurotransmitter cocktail that promotes new neural connections to foster these developments. During exercise, your body is giving you all the tools to optimize learning and facilitate new neural connections of the information that needs to be studied, so why not introduce the material at the same time. It’s crazy because I can “feel” this occurring. My brain feels engaged and stimulated in ways that it is unable to be from sitting and studying. In addition, I study gradually and over time to promote long term understanding of the material I am being challenged with. This powerful way of studying has changed my life because of its effectiveness and minimal time requirement. It allows me more time to pour into my passions for the medical field, inspiring the next generation of scientists, and my creative outlets.

Danielle from Arizona
College Junior
University of Arizona