Write an essay where you tell us what test preparation practices work best for you and why.

Good test preparation practice can only come with the experience, being different for everyone. As for me, a great test preparation practice is to review consistently and constantly a one-pager: a single page of paper with the basis to all of the information that is needed for the test or exam, practicing and reviewing the set information a week or so before the test so that I can fully understand the curriculum and not have that much of a challenge with understanding the problems that are given on the test. Another excellent way to prepare for a test is by simply doing good self-care, which is often forgotten by many current students. By making sure one eats healthy portions, drinking lots of liquids, and going to bed at an early time, good attitude and self-encouragement are inevitable the next morning, thus giving me a lot more energy and confidence to achieve a good grade on the exam.

Daniel from California
High School Senior
Tulare Western High School