Write an essay where you tell us what test preparation practices work best for you and why.

Starting college, I had approach many methods of studying. It was very hard for me to sit down and study let alone actually find a method that actually worked for me to be able to grasp material. It wasn't until this past semester that I took the initiative in truly finding what that method was for me. I was taking one of the most hardest classes for my major, anatomy. I approached several methods until finding the conclusion of what truly works for me. I at first started with writing things down and basically reviewing it but that didn't really help me grasp any information that was given. So then I had the privilege of purchasing an iPad with money given to me as a birthday gift and with that I began to excel in ways i had never really seen before. This was when I truly found my way of studying. The way I study now is fairly interesting but it works! So I at first take notes on my iPad. When it's time to get close to testing time, that's when i go back to my notes and I start to highlight anything that seems important to me or something that seems like a test question. Once I am done with doing that, I grab sheets of note book paper and I condense anything i highlighted on the sheet of paper. After I am done doing that, I reread the notes again and start highlighting in different colors. For example, i'll use green highlighter for definitions, yellow highlighter for important facts, pink highlighter for topics I need to go into more depth in since I didn't really grasp the idea of the concept. Once that is done, I put it to the side and continue on until the next chapter. Once I do two or three chapters, I go back to the first chapter I studied and reread my notes one more time and on a fresh sheet of paper I write again another condensed version of my notes to see if I fully understand the material. I do this for about every class and every chapter that is presented and it has worked wonders for me. This method goes long ways for me It has worked better than most

Mariela from Florida
College Junior
West Coast University