Write an essay where you tell us what test preparation practices work best for you and why.

Ever since I was in elementary school, I have been self-driven to perform as best as I could academically. I have such a passion for learning and because of my studying tricks and habits, I am able to perform well on my tests and quizzes with as little stress as possible. There are two main methods to my studying: one pertaining to math and science fields, and the other, to everything else.
If the subject pertains to math, where test material will be based on critical thinking, I find it best to come to the instructor for help. I have been doing this since my freshman year of high school and so far, it has worked beautifully. There is no one who knows test materials better than the test creator and often, when asking for their help on concepts, you will get access to one on one tutor time with them. Not many students consider this a valuable study tool or take advantage of it, which is a shame because teachers and professors are so passionate about helping students succeed, especially when you take the time to reach out to them for help!
The second method has saved me countless amounts of times in college, especially when needing to memorize many chapters’ worth of information in only a few days. I wish I could boast about having some phenomenal short-term, photographic memory, but in reality, it is how I memorize information that allows me to memorize in such bulk. Using a tool such as Quizlet or even a piece of paper, I write down terms, phrases, or anything that may possibly come up on the test, and over the span of two or three days, I read over them. I also make sure to read my notes at night. I consider this trick almost magical because the amounts of information I can memorize this way is astounding! I have memorized over 200 terms doing this and get scores much higher than the averages.
Ultimately, I’ve come to agree with the phrase “study smarter, not harder” because this is what helps you succeed, not stress-studying the night before!

Alexandra from Arizona
College Freshman
University of Arizona