Write an essay where you tell us what test preparation practices work best for you and why.

The very first time I took the SAT, I was exceedingly nervous. When I woke up that dreaded Saturday morning, I was so anxious that I was actually ill. I didn’t sleep well the night before and had horrible thoughts of the torture I was about to endure. I grudgingly took a shower and pulled myself together and managed to survive the test. The next time I took the test, I was much better prepared.
I tend to place a tremendous amount of pressure on myself to excel in school. I found the best way to alleviate that pressure is to be prepared. As a freshman in college, I again found that I was causing myself to be anxious over tests. I really wanted to do well in college.
I soon discovered that college is very different than high school. To be successful in my classes, being organized was a necessity. Having a planner to keep track of everything going on has proven to be a beneficial tool.
The second key to my success is to stay on top of assignments. It is easy to get sidetracked, but by staying on top of my work, I avoid missing deadlines. It also makes studying for tests much better. I am not spending time catching up on assignments and can delegate that time to go over the material for the test ahead.
Taking good notes is essential for me to have the right material to study for tests. By having accurate information, I am able to prepare for the test ahead. In math, I can make a note of the type of problem that I am having trouble solving and make sure I spend extra study time on those problems before the test. For other classes, I make a list of the keywords for review. Having a study partner is another vital asset. Comparing notes can give you another perspective that you may not have considered.
This past semester, I took one class online. Doing my work in a timely manner was the key to being successful. Being disciplined and organized proved to be the solution because I earned an A! This summer I am taking two classes. Since these classes will be condensed, utilizing these practices will be crucial. Being disciplined and organized will be the key to being successful.

Jarod from Georgia
College Sophomore
Virginia Tech