Write an essay where you tell us what test preparation practices work best for you and why.

My test preparation practices include watching "How to" videos on Youtube and taking online practice tests. The "How to" videos give me tips and shortcuts, and I use online practice tests to exercise using these tricks. This method works for me because I enjoy learning in general. Since I love to learn, the "How to" videos do not bore me. Instead of information coming in one ear and out the other, I am engaged in the materials of the videos. The online tests are useful because, aside from testing my tricks, I can practice pacing myself. Standard testing times are often too short and stressful for me. With online practice tests, I can set a timer and see which pace most benefits me -- especially in the reading session. The last pro of my test preparation practice is my ability to choose what I work on. Unlike classes where every session is briefly explored, I can strengthen my skills and pace for a given session. Although I consider myself good at math and reading, time limits hinder my ability to solve problems and understand. Since I know math and reading are typically my lower scores, I know I need to dedicate more practice to those sessions.

Lara from Missouri
High School Senior
Jackson Sr. High School