Write an essay where you tell us what test preparation practices work best for you and why.

Your professor saunters down the line of desks handing back your most recent exam. They pause briefly at your desk and gingerly hand it back, giving you “the look”. A 59! A few expletives cross your mind and quietly slip out of your mouth as you think of the consequences. That absolutely ruins any chance you have at getting an A in the class. A few too many of these and your grade quickly dwindles, and you struggle to get a C-, even a D in the class. You studied enough right? Maybe? Maybe not…

Better study habits can be learned quickly and can help you successfully and efficiently do well in class. Obviously, your study habits should vary by subject, however they should follow two common themes: practice and outside study resources. Following these themes, I prefer to use flashcards and practice exams or problems, when applicable. I will use both old-fashioned, handwritten flashcards, and online flashcards, preferably through Quizlet. For classes that are more math-oriented, I will almost entirely rely on practice problems and practice exams. If my professor does not post a practice exam, I will go on sites such as Mometrix, CourseHero or Chegg to look for old exams to practice with. It allows me to see the problem and the worked-out solution, so I can fully understand. Studying with friends who are also in the class also always helps.

Using these diligent work ethics, you can flip your 59 test grade to a 95 in no time. No more of “the look” from your professor, and you can easily secure that A and GPA boost at the end of the term. The key is practice, and to practice as much as you can from a variety of sources if possible. You shouldn’t have any issues after this.

Haley from New Jersey
College Junior
Drexel University