Write an essay where you tell us what test preparation practices work best for you and why.

Studying for tests is something that I have always done because I loved school, was generally great at it, and did not like to walk into a classroom unprepared. My number one test preparation tactic is flash cards. The act of making the flashcards is the first way I study. Writing or typing out each flash card helps me to become familiar with the material that I have been learning and prepares me to quiz myself. I previously wrote out my flash cards but now I use the application, Quizlet. I like Quizlet because I can study throughout the day wherever I go. I think li I generally make too many flash cards for what is actually on the test, but I am always prepared for the questions, so I continue to do so.
The next thing I do after making my flash cards is actually learn them. I will learn a few, then add some more. Next, I quiz myself in different ways with the flash cards such as create a test for myself with multiple choice, fill in the blank, or true and false. Quizlet aids in doing this and has made this less time consuming. Flash cards are my main way to study, I have found one other way beneficial to my style of learning. I have discovered that if I study with someone that I know such as a parent, sibling, or close friend, I recall the information. I think this is helpful because I care about the person, so I pay attention to the conversation and the time we have spent together. In the past, I have had big tests that I was nervous about and I would use this method in addition to my flash cards. During the test if I was having trouble recalling the information on the question, I would remember our conversation while we were studying. The question and all the things that we said around it would come back to me and I would be able to select the correct answer.
I think that being prepared is the reason that I am not stressed when I go to take a test. I am able to remind myself that I know the information, and I am just going to answer the questions one at a time

Bristi from Louisiana
College Sophomore
Mcneese State University