Write an essay where you tell us what test preparation practices work best for you and why.

Test prep starts the first day of the unit. How I take notes drastically impacts what knowledge I retain on test day. I learn more by hand writing my notes rather than typing them, because it forces me to process the information of the lecture and pay attention while I’m trying to put my notes in my own words. I try not to copy the notes on the board down verbatim because that would allow me to drift off and not give the teacher my fullest attention. Also, as a visual learner, it helps to see myself writing the notes, so my brain can process and store the information.
While doing homework, I’ll make sure to look over the notes I took for the day. If I have any questions or am struggling on problem, I’ll go in early the next day and ask. While I was taking Calculus BC, a class I desperately struggled in, I would go in after school every day to get a review on the day’s lecture just to ensure I understood the material. If I couldn’t understand one teacher’s explanation, I would go to a different teacher to get their take on the unit. It’s easy to get lost in the depths of the internet while researching a topic, so I go to my teachers to minimize the distractions and ensure that my information is coming from a reliable source aka an expert.
While studying at home, if the unit is especially difficult to understand, I make sure to check out review videos online on YouTube or Khan Academy. Crash Course is always a friend when it comes to studying. I go over past quizzes and read over my notes at least once. Contrary to popular student belief, sometimes reading the textbook helps. If all that fails, and I still don’t understand the information, I’ll turn to my friends who are taking or have already taken the course to see if their explanation clicks with me better. On the actual test day, I constantly remind myself that I’ve done everything I can do prepare, and I can always go in and ask the teacher questions while doing test corrections.

Jessica from Texas
High School Senior
Flower Mound High School